Posted by: tituteo | April 7, 2010

Another Year Gone

Seth turned 3 years old on March 12th. Sometimes we looked back and wondered where the days have gone. Lying on his mattress, he looked every bit a young boy. No longer the helpless baby we brought back from the hospital. Chattering non-stop, he is able to express himself well and clear. No longer the crying baby who wailed in frustration as no one understands his needs. Insisting on his ways and rebelling mine. No longer the submissive baby who did what I wanted. My baby is now a small boy!

And so this year, in contrary to the past where we go for a photoshoot with the professionals, we decided to do our own outdoor shoot. With an active boy, we figured it’ll be tough to get him to cooperate with the photographer. We spanned our shoot over a few weekends and brought him to several parks near our place. The result is a series of beautiful pictures with colorful hues. Perfection in our eyes. =)

Our Hansdome Boy

We even managed to get some stylo-mylo shots aka professional style! Heh!

Great Jumpshot

Or this? Posed for Perfection!

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