Posted by: tituteo | November 9, 2008

Ladies’ Man

Bird Watch

You know?! I really can’t help it if he is so popular with the girls. The way he sweet talks her (A mean feat seeing that he still can’t talk!) and touches her oh so gently. The way he holds their hands and leads them to view the birds, lifting her arms for her to show her the direction. And how he feeds her his raisins and kisses her goodbye. Sigh… So sweet it makes my teeth ache!

Tiffany must be the first girl ever who is not put off by Seth’s ‘overwhelming passion’. The way he tugs at her hand and how she tugs him back. The way they chased each other and held hands. Finally, a girl who reciprocates his love! Ha!

Seriously. I really can’t help it that it was just yesterday at Princess Mischa’s birthday party, that he simply couldn’t take his eyes off her!

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