Posted by: tituteo | November 5, 2008

Touched by a Painting

Love at First Sight

Okie. Though I took Art as an ‘O’ Level subject and proceeded to take up design modules in Uni, I must admit I am not those arty farty kind of art lover. Paintings to me, are just decorative items that need not be splurged on. That is, until I saw this painting at Harvey Norman one day.

This particular painting touched me. There were several other duplicates all over the showroom. However, they did not give out the same vibes as this particular one sitting on an easel by a pillar. It radiates a sort of calm and peace from the sea with the sky clearly reflected in the still waters. The focal ripples on the water seem to hold a pleasant surprise waiting to emerge. Looking at it, I feel happy.

It is so full of anticipation and hope. Like our life ahead in our new home! One more week to home ownership! Yay!

Anybody wanna bless us with this?! Only this particular one on the easel please… :p

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