Posted by: tituteo | January 21, 2010

School Daze

2010 marks the start of Seth’s formal education.

On the first day, I kept him company in the classroom and he participated well in the various activities. On the second day, I bid him goodbye after settling him down in class. He was reluctant but I was firm. It didn’t help that almost everyone in class was crying. He couldn’t understand why I had to wait outside while the other parents stayed behind. I could see the uncertainty in his eyes as he shouted at the door for me. Then he walked to the teacher and stuck close to her for the rest of the lesson. My brave boy! Tears welled up in my eyes as I saw how he bravely restrained from crying and kept himself busy entwined between the teacher’s legs. The relief and gladness in his eyes when the doors opened to let them out when class was over was overwhelming!

I had prepared him for school way in advance by reminding him that he will have to attend class alone while I go home to cook his lunch. The boy was agreeable up till that first day of school when he told me,”Mama, today don’t cook lunch, ok?” And I bribed him with Gummy Bears rewards at the end of class. My little loghead was so adamant on getting his gummies at the end of class that when the teacher offered him some during class, he rejected it, insisting on having it only AFTER the class. Heh! So ‘logheadedness’ is actually hereditary! :p

He soon settled into school easily after that. By the second week, he was so excited to start playing with the toys he forgot to put down his bag and water bottle. Then he had to be reminded to kiss me goodbye, which he did hurriedly, usually just kissing my hair, ear, arm, leg or wherever his lips touched me when he turned his head in the midst of toys. Sigh.

This week, he started bringing back his art pieces and schoolwork and as proud first time parents, we diligently put them up on the fridge and eventually extended them to the bomb shelter doors (magnetic). Ah… It gotta stop somewhere right? I can’t imagine 20 years of schoolwork on the walls! We’ll need a bigger house!

He came back spelling the word “A-P-P-L-E” off his head!

Good Job, Son! We are so proud of you, Seth!!

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