Posted by: tituteo | December 31, 2009

Merry Christmas Ho Ho Ho

And so last year Seth was too young to say the words ‘Merry Christmas’ and ‘Santa Claus’. Not that he could understand any of it too. Nevertheless, every time we came across anything ‘Christmasy’ I would exclaim in excitement, “Merry Christmas Ho Ho Ho!”. He was too young to speak then and could only absorb those words like a little sponge. Fast forward one year and when he saw the picture of Santa, he went,”Ho Ho Ho!” And that is how I know I shouldn’t mumble vulgarities thinking that he wouldn’t understand them anyway. =\

We signed him up for some classes to familiarise him with the school environment (read: kiasu parents!) He really enjoyed the classes and loves the various different activities. Poor boy doesn’t know the trouble he is getting into going to school at 3 years old. Imagine the many decades of school he has to go through after this! =S Let’s not spoil his fun for now though.

Homework can be fun too!

On the home front, other than training him to go to the toilet by himself, I am now training him to pour water into his cup. Heh. He also learned to sweep the floor with his little dustpan set too! That, plus being able to line the bins after I clear them. I’m making a house-boy out of him!! :p My grandma’s complaining though. She accused me of shaking my legs and living a good life while my son self-sustains. Ha!

Christmas is a special occasion for us! I want my son to grow up loving this day not for the trees, the Santas and the gifts, but the love that God has for us. And since he is too young to really comprehend more than “Christmas is the birthday of Jesus!” he shall dwell in his showers of presents for now!

Not to forget the tree he helped set up!

There were many Christmas fun acts and activities during this season. We went for his first Bob-The-Builder Show which he enjoyed but refused to take pics with the big-headed characters. Then he had a chance to go on the pony rides at JP which he enjoyed and posed like a real cowboy indeed!

The Changi Airport had this huge bouncing castle set up for the kids too! Seth went onto it with the Man and I really couldn’t tell who was the happier kid. =\

And I tried my hand at making log cakes for the first time. I was about to give up and just go for cupcakes instead when my Mum exclaimed,”What’s Christmas without a log cake?!” It was really sugar overload but no complaints as long as it looked the part! :p The success in rolling the swiss roll for the log was a feat in itself and I am certainly not too keen to try it again anytime soon. :S

I decorated some Ikea Ginger Crisps to go with it too!

And finally, I decided to chop off my long hair before I go bald. With the amount of hair I sweep off the floor everyday, it’s really a miracle I have hair left on my head still!

So here’s wishing one and all a very Happy New Year 2010!!

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