Posted by: tituteo | April 25, 2008


In January, we bought a set of playyard for Seth. He was beginning to cruise and I figured it would be good to encourage him to walk around holding on to the yard. He was also becoming a handful and crawling all over the place. A playyard would have been perfect to hold him in. With the enclosure, he would have a designated play area and will not leave toys strewn all over. It was a perfect plan. One I had no problem convincing the Man to put into action.

But alas, I was too smart for myself. My boy cruised so well he started walking. And that marks the end of the usefulness of the playyard. Seth simply refused to be ‘kept’ inside. He preferred to roam on the other side. Attempts to place him inside were met with screams and tears. Frightful!

Keeping it will require a huge storage space. And so we decided to sell it off to get some cash back, so we could get him more toys! Heh! On the day it was supposed to be sold, I placed Seth inside the yard and let him say his final farewell. He seemed to sense the mood and made no struggles at all! He played by himself in the yard, talking to the bear stickers, chatting on the phone, playing with the activity panel. It was the first time he really enjoyed his yard, and his last. Sigh.

Did I make the right choice? :/

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