Posted by: tituteo | April 24, 2008

Broken #2


In case you are thinking that this is ONLY the second item destroyed by my baby, you are so wrong. It is only the second one worth mentioning. =/

I have the habit of placing my glasses under my pillow when I sleep. That is, so that I can put it on to search for the pacifier when Seth decided to fling it far away in his sleep. In the mornings, Seth will usually play around on the bed when he wakes. And when he is done lazing around, he will dig for my glasses, fiddle with it, and finally place it on my face to wake me up.

My poor pair of spectacles has been twisted, bent and ravaged beyond normal means. And it is a miracle it survived till now. I have always managed to bend it back. Albeit slightly loose, it has been serving me well thus far. Up till yesterday. When it died an unnatural death. Sigh. Maybe it is a sign that it’s time I go for lasik treatment. :p

The Culprit!

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