Posted by: tituteo | April 23, 2008

Runaway Kid

Bye Mum! I’ve leaving home with Ah Du and my bag!

Last night was the first time we placed Seth back in his cot after a long hiatus. As he can now walk, he has refused to be held captive inside any form of cages. Playyard and cot inclusive! We have thus removed the high cot bars and converted it into a toddler bed for him. The dear boy took to his new bed well and quickly formed a special bond with it! He will bring his pacifier and pillows to the cot and lean his head down to rest in the midst of playing. Cute!

So for the first try, he woke up in the middle of night and sat up in wonder at his new surroundings. Blur me in my sleepyiness just brought him over and tucked him into bed in my arms till the Man found us in the morning! Sigh… mission partially failed. Will try again tonight!

In other news, we bought him a little backpack from Samsonite. It’s that of a little Kangaroo and he looks so adorable in it! Heh! My little Malao Zai can carry his own pacy and pillow in his bag when we go out from now! What a big boy that must seem!

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