Posted by: tituteo | April 9, 2008

Spoonfed Toddler

Mealtimes at home is not deemed an ‘activity’ for Seth. He finds it boring and will never sit still to have his food. He needs to be doing something all the time. Be it fiddling with stuff, moving around, or looking at people….

I never had problems feeding him outside. He’ll amuse himself by staring at people sitting next to our table. Sometimes joining in their conversations. Mostly just acting cute and fishing for praises. To me, it’s more of an embarrassment. Imagine a lovey-dovey couple having some romantic dinner and a kid shouting at them from across the table! I’m sure it’ll put them off marriage and parenting immediately! And once when he saw a man on the phone, he actually placed his palm to his ear too and ‘EH!’ loudly. Alamak! I tried in vain to dig a hole in the floor that time! :S

Lately, as I ran out of entertaining activities at mealtime, I’ve started giving him some ‘paste-y’ food in a bowl and a little spoon for him to self feed. It is extrememly messy and recommended only before a bath! He will sometimes hold the food in his hands before placing them in the spoon to be brought to his mouth. Conveniently in the middle of doing that, he’ll use his food-covered hands to rub his face, his hair and everywhere! And being the enthusiatic drummer that he is, it is inevitable that he drums the spoon against the table, the bowl, his head(sometimes) and everywhere too! And mostly, in his haste and excitement, I’ll see the spoon (full of food of cos!) flying out of his hands, and landing a metre away, strewing food all over. Yup! That is mealtime for my boy!


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