Posted by: tituteo | April 3, 2008


Ever since his tiny baby steps taken before his birthday, Seth has been slowly gaining momentum.  However, being a proficient crawler, he always gave up walking after 5 steps and chose the faster alternative of crawling.  Otherwise, with his 3 seconds attention span, he will be distracted halfway through a step and go on all fours again to reach his new object of interest.  Sigh.

Therefore, we were all pleasantly surprised when his Kaima came last Friday and he started showing off his new skill with gusto!  He walked a stretch of the living room and made a U-turn back.  It was comical!  For he did not stop and turn to make his way back.  Instead, he walked a ‘U’.  Literally making a ‘U-turn’ on feet!  And he did not stop from there!

We love to see his mini 75cm frame strutting around the room.  Sometimes to catch his balance, instead of putting his hands out as would usual babies, he placed them bent behind his head aka ‘cool dude’ look!  And at night, he would sleep knocked out in the bed as if he was totally worn out by all the toddling around.  We are so amused!  Heh! =p

28th March 2008, Friday. His official toddle!

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