Posted by: tituteo | March 26, 2008


Signs that Seth is as mischievious as he can get!

Hey Muscleboy! SHOW ME YOUR MUSCLES!!!

He really loves company. And it really hit us when we brought him to Gymboree one day and he was totally not interested in the activities! Instead, he was busy chasing after other kids and looking at them, even when they ignored him. *Sigh!*

Thereafter, we decided to engage him in more actitvites with friends his age. We’ve signed him up for playgym trials and birthday bashes and such! It doesn’t really help that his stranger anxiety is at it’s peak now. He is forever, clinging on to either one of us when in a crowd. As anxious parents, we are now looking out for classes for him to attend and to get to know other kids so as to minimise his anxiety!

We find gratification just to see him enjoying himself with his friends. He’s such an affectionate boy, albeit too aggressive at times. His version of showing love and affection is by patting the face, tugging at clothes, and finally, snuggling his face into the other party’s chest/back/face. Thereby, frightening off any signs of probable friendships! *Big Sigh!*

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