Posted by: tituteo | September 8, 2010

Caskets Should Never Come in Small Sizes

The metre long coffin was too large for the little angel sleeping inside. The heartbroken parents frantically stuffed pillows, clothes, toys and rattles to fill up the empty spaces. If only it’s as easy to fill the emptiness in their hearts.

Maybe they were too rushed for time to prepare an altar photo. The loss was only yesterday and the cremation today. Maybe it’s too unbearable to display the photo of a 4 month old little baby. The altar before the casket was bare except for a milk bottle with milk. Milk that will never be consumed again.

Tears flowed freely. The pain was unbearable. Heart wrenching. Life is not supposed to be like that. We hear stories of sudden infant deaths. We read them in the papers. That should be all. It’s not supposed to be happening so close to us. Not to the people around me. And certainly not to my buddy of 15 years. Why me? He asked. If only I can answer that.

They say God is in control. Why did He allow such a cruel thing to happen? Everything happened for a reason. What is the reason for this? Is there a shortage of angels in heaven, God? Why our little angel? Why do you take her away before she can accomplish great things? Why now? It’s too early. She hadn’t enjoyed the life ahead of her. Not the ice cream cones waiting for her, or the zoo trips, the play dates, the joy of dating, of loving another, of building her own family, of growing old with family and friends around her. It’s too early, God.

My heart goes out to my buddy and his wife. As a parent, I can feel the pain of losing my precious blood. But at this moment, I can only imagine the pain and suffering they are going through. I pray they will remain strong and pick up their broken hearts soon. The road ahead is gonna be heavy laden but they will pull through and emerge stronger than ever. God Bless You, My Friends.

Good Bye Baby Angel Claire Claire. Till we meet again in heaven one day.

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