Posted by: tituteo | October 3, 2007

Ah Du Strike

The Man is away on yet another business trip. He seems to be enjoying himself while I am here struggling with weaning Seth off the pacifier at night! Heh! Am trying out this method so as to ensure that he sleeps throughout the night without waking for his pacifier. To be selfish, it benefits me as well as him… we both get a good night’s sleep if he can sleep thru and not wake up looking for his comfort ‘Ah Du!’ Poor thing, it really pains the heart to see him turning his head looking for the pacifier, like a baby bird looking for worms coming from the mummy bird’s beak. Not to say, sucking an imaginary pacifier… Sigh… I am so cruel. Actually, I would rather he suck on the pacy than on his thumbs…ah… maybe I should just let him enjoy himself! =/

Anyway… here’s a shot of him being very studious!

Hmm… and here’s the source of his concentration!

We miss you, Ah Pa!

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