Posted by: tituteo | December 29, 2009

Blame It on Facebook!

Ok. There has been a blogger’s block recently due to the convenience of Facebook’s status shoutouts. It seems to be so much easier to update things on that than to get my butt down to blogging here! :p

So here’s some photo diarrhea starting from where I left off.

I’ve been having much success trimming Seth’s hair ever since the lure of McDonald’s and it’s fries and ice cream sundae took effect. He has been sitting still and allowing me to perform my duties as an in house stylist. Oh well, as with all specialists, sometimes accidents do happen. As in the time i turned one notch further and reduced his crop to nothing more than 6mm in length (from the usual 9mm). Ah…. Safra really should have let me in on their membership privileges.

My little army boy at the wheels!

And we drove up to the land of Tea and Strawberries (aka Cameron Highlands) with the family. The ride was bumpy and definitely not enjoyable though the view was fantastic. The place was below expectations but the company was great! The most memorable part of the trip was our homecooked steamboat dinner and bbq without which, the trip would have been forgettable!

Seth had a great time there though. He had fun bonding with the other half of the family that we so seldom got to see.

The cheeky boy made this silly face every time his photo was taken.

He has been getting cheekier by the minute. Always up to tricks and silly antics. We always joked about his small eyes and nowadays he would do the big eyes ‘glare’ when we asked him. Or squint and make his eyes even smaller on demand. Sigh.

Big Eyes vs Small Eyes. (Heh! Most times, the mouth also corresponds to the eyes!)

And not forgetting the time he decided to wear his new ‘beanie’ in the car. And insisted on walking back from the carpark to the house with it on his head. We had to dive for that hole in the ground when a big family walked by! :S

This prompted me to get him a real beanie though.

In November, we also had the wedding of the year with my buddy finally getting hitched. I’ve known Kevin since my uni days and we’ve both came a long way since. It felt so heartwarming to see him walk down the aisle with his beautiful bride that I actually teared a little. *sniff*

Blessings in a Cupcake!

Seth was given the most important task of opening the car door for the groom! And luckily for him, it was an SLK and he was able to reach it with ease! He had such a great time that day that ever since then, all brides he sees are named Jean-Yiyi. =\

And finally on the 25th November, at 2 years 8 months old, the boy finally said goodbye to diapers and pull ups! Ever since his success in staying diaper free in the day, we had been taking it easy for the night weaning. We did, however, prepare him for it and suggested that he stop wearing someday. He started waking up in the nights to pee and would wake with dry diapers in the morning for about 2 weeks. Eventually he asked me to stop putting his diapers back on after he woke up at night . Maybe he was just too sleepy to wait for me to do it. :p Nonetheless, Yay!

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