Posted by: tituteo | September 19, 2009

Planting Rice Is Never Fun

6 years ago when the Man and I were dating, he used to boast about how he could whip up a mean fried rice dish. He promised to cook it for me and I was convinced that a guy who cooks is a guy I can marry and rely on. I was duped.

Not that he is not reliable. But he never got down to cooking the rice at all!! Till today! Loe and behold!! He declared he wanna cook lunch! And he proceeded to call his mum up to get the ‘recipe’. Alamak!! My mother-in-law must have fainted after passing on some skills, for she hung up and called us back again within 5 mins (after she regained consciousness?). I picked up the call and in a somewhat-worried voice she asked after me. 1) She couldn’t figure out WHY her son is cooking if I’m not sick/dead. 2) Even if he is just cooking for the fun of it, she can’t figure out why I don’t know how to cook fried rice!

See! In that few minutes of the first phone call, the Man has totally tarnished my reputation in his mum’s heart!! =S There goes my years of trying to ‘act’ confident of my cooking and assuring her that I am not starving her son of yummy home cooked food. What have I been cooking if I can’t even whip up a simple fried rice dish?!!!

I had to assure her that I was fine and her son just misses his “Mum’s Special Fried Rice”. And no, I wasn’t sick or dying and of course, I wasn’t laying on the bed and shaking my legs, waiting to be served!

Oh well. The fried rice was without doubt, “Yummy Yummy Nice Good Good!” in Seth’s words.

The long wait must have been due to the need to plant rice and rear pigs for the sausages!

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