Posted by: tituteo | September 19, 2009

Drama King

We had an early morning scare today!

Seth woke up and started tumbling around us, as was his daily routine. And in one final tumble, he twisted his arm and started crying. Now. Those who know my boy knows that he is a tough kid. He is very prone to injuries but gets over them as fast as he picks himself up.

So this time round when he cried non stop in pain, the alarm bells in our head were raised. I held him in my arms and managed to placate him only to have him wail all over again the minute he moves his arm. And so I hugged him and soothed his arm while he lay very still and sobbed for an hour. We tried to tempt him with treats of playground, gai gai (shopping) and swimming (ha!) but he rejected them all! He just wanted to lay on my arm with his little arm bent slightly and unmoving.

Usually when he injures himself, we will soothe him by applying antiseptic cream on his wounds. To him, cream is his miracle healer! And so the Man dug out the little musclerub sample we tucked aside long ago and did some ‘psychological’ healing while I took a quick shower and got ready to rush him to the hospital.

Ever so gently we changed him out of his pajamas and while I was pulling his shirt over his head, he instinctively straightened his arm and that was it!! He has been healed!! “No more pain pain.”

Sigh…. back to the monkey bars again!

You know how they say when you are dying, your life flashes back before your eyes? This morning while I was laying there with him, the Man’s life flashed before me. How he told me he was a naughty boy who often injured himself. He would jump on the bed and fall, tearing apart his eyebrow. Or he would be using the dumbbells and split his chin. His face is a battlefield of scars and stitches. I imagined my mother-in-law’s pain when he got hurt and I could totally empathise as my ‘injured’ boy lay crying. I imagined Seth with his arm in a cast and bandage and swinging on the monkey bar with the other arm….

Thank God my agony has been postponed. Yes. I’m sure I will not be spared in the future. Ah… the woes of a Mother!

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