Posted by: tituteo | July 28, 2005

Survey From Winifred…


  1. How long have you been in your current relationship?
    2 years.. Married for almost 5 months.
  2. Do you agree that after the initial excitement and romance, the relationship will reach a plateau? Why?
    I do agree to that and I believe it’s inevitable. That is when we need to get out of our comfort zones and move on. When we are dating and we reach stagnantation, we get married and there’s something new for us.. then we have kids, we have different commitments… then grandkids… life is never-ending… it’s up to us to keep it going and not succumb to stagnantation. However, if I’m feeling happy and in total bliss, then I guess a plateau will be appreciated. =) But that’ll be for a period before I move on to better heights…heh
  3. Have there been occasions whereby you and partner run out of things to say to each other?
    I think so, but not that I really noticed, until you made me think hard. Sometimes in the car, sometimes over a meal… =/
  4. Does it bother you when this happen (i.e. running out of things to say)? Why?
    Not at all! If we’re gonna live together for the rest of our lives, we’ll eventually run out of things to say, unless we talk about the weather and maybe politics! (In fact right this min, my Man’s telling me about Malaysian news he’s reading in France! =S) In any case, I believe in this quote…”True friendship is when 2 of you sit together without saying a word and yet walk away feeling like you’ve shared everything” (Ok, something like that…=/) I enjoy the silence between us sometimes… enjoy listening to his breathing… just feeling his presence. =)
  5. Do you feel the same way towards your partner now as you did when you started going out? Pls elaborate.
    Heh, of cos I don’t feel the same! I must say my love has grown! =D As I get to know him more, I discover different aspects of him that appears with time. I believe that we grow with time, and change is the only constant. It is again inevitable that our feelings change. Even our preferences change as we age. As long as the change is for the better, then we are safe. If I were to feel less love and more disgust, then I’ve gotta do a double-take…. =/
  6. How do you maintain the sparks and romance in relationship?
    Keep changing… hee… try something different all the while. Give surprises. Ask for them… Hee… I am always fond of asking for surprises. And thou I demanded it, I always get pleasant ’surprises’ when I get them! ;p And for the last resort… stay apart! Haa… My Man being away for 3 months has really made our relationship stronger…We know how much we weigh in each other’s heart, and we behave like courtship days, chatting on icq, smsing… and sweat talking…hee!! =D
  7. Does the nature of your relationship change after marriage? How so?
    The commitment has increased, (so has the bills and the burdens..).. more things to save up for, more decisions to be made together! Also, the security has changed. Marriage is like a cement cast. Binding us together. Giving us the support. Knowing that we are not alone in anything anymore. We are a pair, a union! =D
  8. How do you avoid slipping into complacency in your relationship?
    Remind each other of the wedding vow. It’s not just a paragraph we read out on the day of solemnisation. It’s a promise, to God, and to each other. We repeat the vow to each other, especially at times when we feel the love level is low, times when we are too busy to spend quality time together. Also, I never stopped thanking God for the wonderful man He has given to me! =*

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