Posted by: tituteo | July 27, 2005

Phone Booths Come in Pairs Too

Ah! It’s the 25th day since he’s been gone and it feels like a lifetime! LDM Sucks! =S

Just the other day, my Man told me that seeing couples on the street makes him miss me alot! Heh… How sweet is that!

It’s so true. And it reminds me of yester-years, times when I was back to singlehood. You know, it’s odd. When we have been single all our life, we don’t seem to notice it as much. But once we have been in and out of a relationship, no matter how short it was, our perspective of things will change. Oftentimes, when I walked on the street after regaining my singlehood, I’ll seem to see couples everywhere I go. And I remember reading an article at that time that really spoke my heart. I think it was Ms Sumiko Tan in one of her articles. She mentioned something like, when you are single and walking on the streets… even the telephone booths come in pairs along Orchard Road! I remember staring at the phone booths and thinking..”Life Sucks!”

Now? Hmm… now that I’m married, of course I feel different! (Ha! The Man’s reading, so I’d better not mention that I feel single all over again! ;p) Although I can’t feel him and I can’t touch him, I can’t hug him and I can’t kiss him, but I do know for sure he’s there and I’m not alone. No matter where I am, I feel his presence. Every little thing reminds me of him. Every breath I take, I breathe him. Ahh… the joys of being married! Heh… Ok Ok… I know I’m over-doing it… haa… and I know someone’s gonna puke when they read this… pointing at a certain bird and a certain maid!

And finally… here’s a toast to my 4 months of marriage and 3 months of separation! Got my ROM pics on flickr … (I think it’s a great photo program!)

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