Posted by: tituteo | September 19, 2009

Little Chef

I had been thinking of getting a play kitchen for Seth for some time. It’s an irony how everyone says play kitchens are ‘girlish’ and yet most famous chefs are male. Anyway, I finally found an ideal ‘macho-looking’ kitchen playset and the Man was immediately taken to it too! I called up Ikea daily to check on the availability status of the set and went down to grab it the moment it hit the shelves. We spent 45 mins fixing it up and our ‘dream kitchen’ was all set to fire up!

It was certainly money well spent when I could finally cook in peace while my little chef prepares his own meals instead of bugging me for snacks! Heh! But alas, he kept bringing his food for me to ’sample’ while I was busy cooking up a storm. =S

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