Posted by: tituteo | February 18, 2011

6 Years On

I am just done manually porting my previous blog posts to this newer version of WordPress.  Due to some technical issues (or lack of!), I had to copy and paste and upload my photos post by post all the way back to my very first post!

In another couple of weeks, I would have been blogging for a total of 6 years!  6 years of my life’s ups and downs on record!  Isn’t that a mean feat in itself?!

I was introduced to blogging way back in 2002, by the then friend (now hb) who ran his own blog space.  Upon learning that I love to write and aspired to be a journalist (dream aspiration only), he offered to let me share his blog space and rant about life.  That was when I first put my ‘Dear Diary’ posts on the world wide web.  Alas, it did not take off from there.  I stopped blogging when I got busy with work, and then dating…

It was right after our wedding, when I was feeling all blissful that I finally sat down again to start writing.  The new hb was scheduled to go on a work trip and I had time to spare after work.  I wanted to write down my thoughts for him to read wherever he was, and that was how I started blogging on my Livejournal.  I eventually ‘upgraded’ to wordpress with my own domain name and now I’m back again on a newer and stronger version!

Looking back at my past postings, I have changed tremendously in style and outlook.  There used to be alot of musings, alot of thoughts and rantings.  I ranted on and on.  Then things took a change for the ‘better’ when Seth came along.  Right from the day we tested positive on the Clearblue kit!  My posts were mainly of happy thoughts and exciting experiences.  Of course, there are the occasional sad and unhappy issues, but my blog focused mainly on Seth’s growth and development, which was far more interesting than anything else.  Somehow, photos became a big part of my blog.  I would be motivated to blog when I have a photo to share.  And that was when the posts became more colorful.

The last couple of years saw a huge drop in my postings.  Maybe due to a slower growth rate as the boy gets bigger, lesser interesting things to write about, and mainly due to the availability of  Facebook’s easy shoutout updates.  But I really will like to pick this up again.  For at times when I am weary, looking back at my past postings reminds me of better times and how even though I don’t remember them all, it doesn’t mean they have not happened before.

Screen Shot of my Previous Blog

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