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One of the advantages of Facebook is that I was able to track down and get back in touch with many long lost friends. And when old friends meet up, the best form of ice breaker is a common topic that never fails to generate ALOT of interest. Parenthood.

I, or rather, Seth was recently invited to a playdate with my Secondary school mate whom I’ve not met nor kept in touch for 15 years! I jumped at the opportunity to catch up and also for Seth to enjoy himself in the company of little friends.

And so the day before, I decided to bake some cookies for the date so we won’t arrive empty handed. Seth woke up from his nap just as I was about to cut the dough so I roped him in to help too! Armed with several cookie cutters in hand, he eagerly stamped out the cookies while I dutifully rolled out the dough. He loves the smaller cutters and will mutter “pmall pmall” as he cut. Yeah. Somehow he seemed to have forgotten his ‘S’ and has taken to replacing all ‘S’ words with ‘P’. I suspect it stemmed from the word ’spoon’ where he pronounced ‘poon’. It’s weird as he used to be able to say ’square’ but has now switched to saying ‘puare’. Sigh. Show of rebellion?

He loves to say “Yummy Yummy Nice Good Good” nowadays!

At my friend’s place, he thoroughly enjoyed himself playing (and terrorising) the 2 little girls. He loved the little cottage and cooking stuff Megan has and busied himself making burgers and coffee for us all. He toyed with handicraft scissors for the first time and was totally fascinated with it. It’s really seldom that my boy stays focused for long periods of time and I must say he broke his own record this time! He must have been cutting for more than half an hour!

I gave up trying to teach him to hold the scissors correctly since he seemed to be enjoying himself nevertheless!

As Megan had dance class later in the afternoon, we decided to tag along for fun. I was keen to let Seth do a trial class if he was interested but my boy has his own agenda on his mind! First he ’swam’ all over the place. Then he disturbed the others by running across the room (and screaming) as the teacher was dancing. The final straw came when he led them all on a rebellion (aka distracting Megan while she was learning a new move). I packed our stuff and shooed him out of the place as fast as I could before we got kicked out!

See how he enjoyed ’swimming’ on the floor while little Elyza was floating so gracefully? Megan looks disgusted though. :p

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