Posted by: tituteo | September 14, 2009

Potty Breakthrough

This is a moment in history that just has to be noted down! Last night, 1 day after his 2.5 year old birthday Seth finally managed to indicate he wanna poo in the potty! Hooray!! =D

Right. He has been pee-trained for a while now. But we have been having difficulty getting him to poo directly into the potty. The past few successful times had been rather forced with him giving the constipated look and us forcing him to sit on the potty till the poo comes. It was quite a horror and he has resorted to pooing in his sleep for the past month. We would walk into a “fragrant-filled” room every night and had to clean him in his sleepy state.

And last night…. Holly Golly!! He went up to Daddy and said, “Want poot poot” followed by hop hop hop on the spot. And had to repeat that a few times before the Daddy figured out his intent in disbelief! And that was when our little hero pooted his very first willing poo!!! Yay!!!

Okie. Grossed out message over. =p

On to a totally irrelevant note.

We got him a pair of training chopsticks yesterday and today is his first attempt at picking up red kidney beans. I must say he picked up the skill rather fast!! Pun intended! ;)

Ask him to pose only and he really put it in his mouth after that!!

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