Posted by: tituteo | September 12, 2009

Update 2.5

The little imp turns 2.5 yrs old today! I’ve lost track of his various milestones and developmental abilities in comparison to the “world standards”. =p

He has not been putting on much weight since a year ago but just recently he has finally managed to tip the scales above 13kg. I’m not too anxious about weight issues for I’m sure with my genes, he can’t go too far off! :p It’s his height that we are more worried about! Heh! He is still rather “mini” and vertically challenged! My only consolation is that he looks “cute and tiny” at the moment!

He has been uncontrollably agile and jumpy lately. Choosing to jump instead of walk, he will hop around imitating the rabbit, kangaroo and (leap)frog. He climbs the window grilles and everything else with gutso and swings from them as he chants “Monkey Swing!” He loves to do somersaults on the bed, followed by free falls and jumping jacks. He jumps and runs so much that whenever we bring him out, we get weird stares from passers-by who must be thinking “He’s finally been let out! Poor kid must have never gone out before!” I swear we bring him out every weekend and sometimes on weeknights too! We can only conclude that he is HAPPY to be out anytime! And we have a really HAPPY child!

He knows his ABCs well and can recite the alphabets easily. Right.. Occasionally he’ll mix up his LMNs and he pronounces his W as bear-bear-you. But they sound cute anyway! And thanks to the Leapfrog DVD, he knows the phonics of all the alphabets by heart! He can count from 1-10 and recite randomly from 11-20 too! Seven is read as ’seh-yam’ and eleven as “eh-yam”. It’s so cute I am gonna feel sad when he finally manages to pronounce them correctly! He is able to count the things given to him up to a total of 10 items. Anything more and he’ll get really confused! He is not speaking in long sentences yet but mutters a spattering of words all the time. He never fails to amaze us with the new words he regurgitates and we find ourselves asking each other who taught him those words. He says “Oops” as “Oos-pu” and loves to say “Yup! Correct!” as his affirmative.

With tone-deaf parents like us, it’s a wonder when he first started ’singing’ Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Ok, he only managed to sing the first line just this week. And apart from the ABC Song, this is his very second nursery rhyme! So, Hooray!! We signed him up for swim lessons but after crying continuously throughout the whole session for 4 weeks, I finally waved the white flag and pulled him out. Sigh… guess my little flying fish dream is just not meant to be…yet!

Lately he has been super clingy and attention seeking. He will cling onto my legs, hang onto my skirt and simply just stick to any part of my body within his reach ALL THE TIME! Sigh. He takes a long while to warm up to a group and it’s really getting on my nerves! In my perfect world, boys should be independent and left to roam (and terrorise!) wherever they are. So I get very irritated when my boy hangs on to my thunder thighs and falls short of crawling under my skirt when we are in a gathering! Double Sigh! I guess it’s finally time for me to sign him up for some classes to rid him of his shyness! :p

Ah… the Kiasu parent’s search for the PERFECT school begins!

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