Posted by: tituteo | August 22, 2009

Lil Playmate

I ended my babysitting stint 2 days ago. It was a temporary arrangement from the start when I was approached to help some friends care for their then 6 months old baby. I took up the challenge partly to experience how it would be like to take care of 2 kids. Heh… it’s no mean feat, I tell you!

Initially I was not sure how Seth would react to a baby in the house. However all my worries were unfounded when he took to little Meimei (sister) immediately! Albeit too lovingly! =S He would kiss her (even her feet!!) and hug her (sometimes too tightly!). Sometimes, he would even offer her his food (to my horror!). He would wait by the side while I bathed Meimei and rush to kiss her the moment I placed her down to get dressed. Once he eagerly offered to hold her milk bottle, but I found him feeding the high chair instead as he watched the milk drip with interest. =S Oftentimes, he would offer to burp her too and will grin with delight when she gave a not-so-ladylike bletch! And for the past week, he even managed to climb into the cot to play with his little Meimei!!

Now that little Appy has got her grandparents to care for her, we’ve gotta say goodbye. Seth has been asking for Meimei the past 2 days. I guess he does not really understand why his Meimei is not coming anymore. He would say “Meimei go In-dah” when we asked him about her. Ah… My Sweet Little Boy!

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