Posted by: tituteo | August 4, 2009

White Choc with Cream Cheese Topping Blueberry Victorian Sponge Cake

Just the name of the cake is a mouthful!!

Agnes was my customer from the salon days who became a great friend till now. I still remember the evening she walked in with her friends just as I was about to close for the day. I successfully ‘conned’ her into signing up a package and thereby signing her face to the mercy of my hands. Heh. Over our facial sessions together, we got to know each other better and I watched as she found Christ and her faith in God grew and grew.

She went away to the States for 2 years of job training and recently returned for good finally. I had her over for a simple dinner of cabbage rice and bak kut teh soup. And baked a cake as a welcome-home celebration for her.

Too busy yakking and forgot to take pics of my Guest of Honor!

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