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My Kid Says the Darnest Things

Seth has been talking non-stop since he turned 2.5 yrs old. He loves to abbreviate his sentences by using intonations and has been asking lots of “What happened?” questions. I’m kind of glad he is not into “Why?”, but it’s equally exasperating with “What happened?” as well. Still, he never fails to tickle us with some of the things he said.

Extracted from my Facebook Shoutouts.

I told the boy we are going to attend a baby shower tomorrow. He turned around and told his dad, “Tomorrow going to watch baby bong bong (aka bathe)!” =S

The son was playing with his train set that comes with tiny ball bearings. Despite my many warnings, he let one roll under the TV console so I refused to dig it out for him. He collected the rest of the balls together and said, “They are waiting there for their friend.” -,-”

Seth brought back his craft work today and as usual, the teacher wrote his name at the back. This teacher wrote her T like a 7 and the boy said, “This one wrong! Teacher never write properly.”

After we left the restaurant, Seth suddenly remembered he has not finished his glass of water. I passed him his water bottle but he refused to drink from it. “It’s the same water.” I said since it’s both plain water. “No… cold water and hot water not the same..” he said. Sigh!

When told to keep his TOOLBOX, Seth said,”This one not TWO box. This one ONE box.” =S Need to buck up on his English…

My son is full of excuses when it comes to bedtime. He’ll want to pee, drink water, even take medicine (when he simply sneezes or cough once!)… Today, he looked at me with pleading eyes and said he can’t sleep… then after being shooed into the room, he ran out within 5 mins and happily shouted,”Mummy, I can sleep now!” and ran back inside to promptly fall asleep. =S

I was showering Seth just now when some water splashed on me. Then while I was talking to him the water from my hair dripped on him. “Mummy, your saliva drip!” =S 冤枉呀!

My son’s report of today’s activity in school. “Teacher give (me) apple to do printing. Then teacher wash and cut apple for me to eat.” =S I wonder if it’s the same apple…

The son is getting more ‘geng’ (hokkien for crafty) by the minute! He was spraying saliva all over by making the ‘poo-oo” sound with his lips. When threatened, he said, “No. I say ‘p-er’ for P” and proceeded to go “per per per”, spewing more saliva! =S

Seth is outgrowing his pjs finally. I was checking out his pjs b4 bed and asking him if they were too tight. He said, “Noooo..” then proceeded to do a cartwheel on the bed and continued, “See! can (so)mersault!” Heh!

While washing Seth’s hair this morning, I said, “Must scrub your hair clean or they’ll fall off and you’ll have no hair.” He replied, “Like Tortoise!” =S My son has this weird fascination with tortoises. ♥ He’ll lay on the bed with a pillow on his back and say he’s a tortoise or wear his hat on his back like a tortoise …

So today I was cutting seth’s hair when Daddy said, “Don’t move ah. Later Mama cut your ears and you’ll be like a tortoise without ears.” And the son just had to say, “Tortoise no hair!” (kwa kwa…)

Me: how much do u love me? Son: 16 march (The day’s date.)

(In a crowded mall) Me: Hold my hands! Son: Here not carpark (I taught him well huh?!)

I think my son is enjoying the ang bao season. That day at bedtime he said,”Mummy, Happy New Year! Give me ang bao.” Then today as I was distributing them, he ran to me and asked,”How about me?” and grabbed 1 from my hand before running off! =S

When asked why there are toys all over the living room floor and red beans on the sofa. Seth: “Beans want to watch TV. Toys also want to watch TV. So many people watch TV.” (Proceeds to sit on the floor while his beans sat on the sofa.) =S

My poor boy went to sayang a new girl in class who is crying. Ended up making her cry even more. Teacher had to ask him to step back and don’t go near the girl. Then when the girl cried again, he quickly ran to the teacher and said, “NOT ME! NOT ME!!”

Son loves to crawl under the huge pillows and fall asleep with only his head showing. then he’ll wake up and tell us he’s the “Tortoise”! =S

Me: (Threateningly) On a count of 1 to 3, I’m going to leave the room if you don’t lie down. Seth: I want count to 4! (starts counting) 1-2-3-4…

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