Posted by: tituteo | June 22, 2009

Happy PaPa’s Day!

The Man is celebrating his second Father’s Day this year!

I know he had been eyeing a photo printer for the longest time. But being the good husband and father that he is, he has kept it on the last of his priority list and so it has been shelved indefinitely. And being the dutiful (don’t puke!) wife that I am, I’ve saved up some bucks from babysitting and decided to get him his dream machine!

With some advice from his photographer friend, I narrowed down on the model to get, placed my orders by phone and got little sis to collect it! All without stepping out of the house!

When he came back from work on Friday, I had Seth shout ‘Surprise!’ and brought him into the study where he saw this…

And the rest, I’ll say, is history…

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