Just the name of the cake is a mouthful!!

Agnes was my customer from the salon days who became a great friend till now. I still remember the evening she walked in with her friends just as I was about to close for the day. I successfully ‘conned’ her into signing up a package and thereby signing her face to the mercy of my hands. Heh. Over our facial sessions together, we got to know each other better and I watched as she found Christ and her faith in God grew and grew.

She went away to the States for 2 years of job training and recently returned for good finally. I had her over for a simple dinner of cabbage rice and bak kut teh soup. And baked a cake as a welcome-home celebration for her.

Too busy yakking and forgot to take pics of my Guest of Honor!

Posted by: tituteo | August 4, 2009

Bath Toys

Ever since we moved to our own place in December, Seth has been playing with the same bath toys twice a day, everyday.

Our bath time ritual will be to fill up the little basin with cold water as we wait for the warm water to run through the pipes. After that I would proceed to shampoo him while he fiddles with the 3 little balls and 2 stacking cups. Sometimes he would dip his arms into the cold water and pretend to ’swim’. Other times, he would be happy just to scoop up water and pour from one cup to the other. He would also fill the balls with water and squirts them, usually at himself. His showers are usually no more than 5 minutes. And yet, he would have accomplished a lot with these toys.

And as I rinsed him off and tell him to keep his toys, he would slowly remove the balls and cups from the basin, pour water from the basin to the blue cup, spilling most of the water anyway, thus he was able to fill the blue cup with a basin of water! And finally, he would pour the cup of water on himself and then stack everything back into the basin.

He would then return the toys to the corner outside the shower. Not forgetting first to tap the bottom against the bathroom mat to dry off the water below. All Done! Ready to be played again at the next bath time!

Simple toys.

Posted by: tituteo | August 3, 2009

The Path of Toilet Training Never Did Run Smooth

It has been a month since he last had a pee accident. Hooray!

We went through alot to arrive at this day. I know the rule of toilet training is always to wait for the child to be ready for it. But Seth was kinda forced into it. Reason being diaper rashes on his butt that were results of perspiration from diaper wearing. The rashes were like little blisters and the hot weather was not helpful at all.

That started a series of intensive training that was both agonising and painful. For me! From months ago when he started off not even willing to sit on the potty, I managed to coax him to sit in front of the TV. It was an exasperating period as he could sit there for 45 minutes with no pee. And the minute I told him to get up he would pee on the floor and start crying. Sigh. I totally freaked out and lost my cool each time he did that.

Meanwhile, I bought him a cute little potty and started the ‘Stars Award’. Every time he peed into it, we would give him a star sticker to paste on the potty. It worked sometimes. We were happy. We finally saw some light at the end of the tunnel.

Friends suggested buying Thomas the Tank kids briefs for him so he may be happy to wear them and not pee on them. He was happy and excited about them. But that was until he had to pee. Sorry Thomas. Thomas the Tank became Thomas the Pee-Tank. But was he remorseful. He really loved those briefs and each time he managed to pee into the potty and not wet Thomas, he would happily put them back on like his trophy!

Sometime towards the end of June, he managed to ‘Pee-On-Demand’. This was a huge improvement to me. From having to ask him to sit on the potty and wait for Mr Pee to descend, he now holds the commanding post! I would ask him to pee at regular intervals and all would be well. We took this chance to transfer him onto a child seat on our adult toilet bowl. This saves us cleaning time and hopefully he would be able to use the toilet independently in the future. With this, he was able to pee on toilet bowls when we are outside too. We trained him to pee standing up too before his showers each day. That is helpful when we use the kids’ urinals in the ladies’ toilets in the new malls nowadays! No more stinko toilet bowls! Yay!

And so by the end of June, he finally made his first attempt to inform us when he wants to pee. We were elated. In order not to confuse him and ask him to pee in his diapers when we are outside, we took a lot of effort finding toilets during that period. We were proud that he was able to hold back Mr Pee and wait for the availability of the toilet each time.

He has been off diapers in the day ever since. Thou I still put them on when he naps, they have been kept dry till he wakes and asks for the potty. Night times are tough though as he drinks milk an hour before he sleeps. We would wake him up to pee when we go to bed but sometimes he would still wake up with a wet diaper. However, we are not too pushy about that now. He can take his time on night training. At least for now.

Alas, he is totally poo-unfriendly towards the potty. He refuses to sit and push Mr Poo out. We are totally defeated in this aspect and have tried everything to no avail. Sigh. There were accidents where he pooed into his pants and onto the floor. But it seems that he has now wised up and keeps his poo till night time when we put on his diapers for bed. We would often walk into a smelly bedroom and find him asleep in his poo. Totally Gross! =S

Posted by: tituteo | July 16, 2009

My Sweet Child

Our sleeping arrangement has always been the Man and I on our bed and Seth on a mattress next to me. Ever since long ago when he was sick and we put him in bed with us, Seth has claimed his spot in the middle of our little Queen sized bed. Little, if you have seen us. =p

No matter how we placed him in his mattress before we sleep, he would wake up in the night and climb Mt Everest (that’s me!) with his pillows (and sometimes Cookie). Usually he would let himself tumble down the mountain and continue to sleep wherever he landed. It reached a point when I was so used to him crawling over me I slept through it.

Eventually we realised that he loved the warmth of our quilt and body heat. And though he sleeps mostly on top of the quilt, he loves to snuggle and find a comfy spot to settle into. So smart mummy brought out his comforter that we’ve set aside for a long while, deeming it too big and hazardous. With his new comforter, he settled into his own bed easily. Sigh.. Why did I not think of it earlier?!!

A couple of months back, the Man decided to swop places with me. I secretly think he wanted to peep at his son in the night like I loved to do. But then again, he is such a pig, the son could wake up and call out for him and yet he could sleep on. :S I kinda missed sleeping next to my boy and missed hugging him to sleep when he climbs over in the middle of the night. I supposed that caused my insomnia for the past few weeks. I’ve been tossing and turning and having trouble sleeping that I usually fall asleep only at about 3am!

So last night I asked to sleep back in my beloved spot and I fell asleep effortlessly! In the middle of the night, Seth woke up and found me instead of Daddy next to him. He knelt beside me and fondled my face (I think he was feeling for the stubbles on the Man’s chin!) then realising it’s me, he called out ‘Mammy’ and laid back down to sleep. Then he reached out his little arm and said, ‘Mammy, Hold Hand’ and I held him and we both fell asleep again. Contentedly. Sigh… Bliss!

I love how he usually calls me “MaMa” but changes to “Mammy” when he’s trying to be sweet! =D

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I went for a crash class of cupcake baking and decorating today. It was fun!!

I’ve finally learnt the correct way of piping butter cream and making marshmallow fondant. The first fruits of my labour are mediocre but I do hope I’ll improve with time!

My Practice Sheet

Any interested buyers? ;p

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Posted by: tituteo | June 22, 2009

Happy PaPa’s Day!

The Man is celebrating his second Father’s Day this year!

I know he had been eyeing a photo printer for the longest time. But being the good husband and father that he is, he has kept it on the last of his priority list and so it has been shelved indefinitely. And being the dutiful (don’t puke!) wife that I am, I’ve saved up some bucks from babysitting and decided to get him his dream machine!

With some advice from his photographer friend, I narrowed down on the model to get, placed my orders by phone and got little sis to collect it! All without stepping out of the house!

When he came back from work on Friday, I had Seth shout ‘Surprise!’ and brought him into the study where he saw this…

And the rest, I’ll say, is history…

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Virgin Haircut

We finally brought Seth for his very first haircut by the professionals on Saturday!

The current bout of heat spell has been very hard on his poor little head lately. He has been telling me ‘hot hot’ in the middle of play. And having a lack of confidence in my shaving skills, we decided to bring him to Junior League at Suntec for his very first cut.

It was an unconventional haircut for sure. Instead of sitting on the barber’s chair, he had the privilege of sitting at the play table for his haircut. He was allowed to play with the toys available while the nice lady performed the miracle of chopping of his long locks. The war started when it was time to shave the bottom and the sides. He started wailing and pushing at the hair clipper. I had to hold him in a deadlock while the lady forcefully finished up the work. By then he was screaming and shouting ‘ok ok’, telling us it’s done and we should stop! I had hair all over myself and looked like an evil witch kidnapping a poor kid. The Man could only look on with dropped jaws and a look of pain in his eyes. If only I had a third hand to hold the camera, I would have captured the look on his face. One of utter regret of bringing his son there, and partly a look of fear… in case we could not go on anymore and Seth would have to go home with a half shaven haircut!

Heh. The final product was perfect! Our son looks dashing in his new haircut! All ready to fight the heat!

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Till We Meet Again

Pei, It’s been 2 years. And I miss you still. Pin

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Many months back, I felt that going on the Singapore Flyer would be the last thing I wanna do. Why would I want to sit in a ferris wheel for half an hour and look out at construction sites??! Fast forward to many months later and we are now proud members of the Singapore Flyer! Talk about slapping myself in the face!

Somehow, the Man cultivated a profound interest and love for the wheel and was super keen to visit it again and again. Prompted by the super hot weather lately, plus the super cold air-con in the cabins, I was convinced that the Flyer could be a new hang-out place for us since I am not exactly keen on visiting the Zoo in this heat!

Looking at the pics, it’s rather obvious who is the excited visitor and who is not! =p

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