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Graduation Camp 2013

Seth went for his very first overnight camp on the 5th September. It was his first time away from home and felt like his first step into boyhood!

He was apprehensive initially. Insisting that he didn’t want to go for the camp. We tried to convince him it would be fun and all his classmates would be there too! We later managed to dig out from him his reasons for not wanting to go to camp. My funny boy was really just worried about the showering time and how he would not like the teachers to bathe him! I texted his teacher and we managed to assure him that it’ll just be a simple hose down, after which he grew really excited and looked forward to camp day!


He even helped pack his own luggage the night before!


On the day of camp, he bounded happily up the bus while Mummy felt really lost and missed him tremendously. The day and night passed slowly… Though we managed to catch a comedy in the movies, our first late night movie ever since he was born! Before the show, we even drove past the school to check things out!

I was really worried that he couldn’t sleep without his pillows and that he might miss home. But all my worries were unfounded. He slept really well and when I grumbled that he didn’t miss me, he quickly denied it and said he was thinking of me before bed. Asked how often he woke up in the night and he said none! He didn’t miss me at all!! Wahhhh! :”( I was the one who couldn’t sleep, worrying for nothing!

He really enjoyed himself at camp. They had games (where he won overall first in musical chairs) and water play (he loved the slide)! That night, they sang around a campfire and had a hand in barbecue! He cooked his first marshmallow and sausage himself over a grill pit!


He came out of it all really well. My brave boy! And I know he is proud of his new achievement…

I know (but I am not proud of this) for the boy and his classmate teased his cousin when the cousin refused to go to his friend’s house for a playdate. They said,”Scaredy cat. You don’t dare to go. You never go to camp before.” Haih! Tsk. They got a ticking off for sure. But yeah… Camp means courage! At least to a couple of 6 year olds…

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