Posted by: tituteo | August 29, 2013

The Independent Child

So, the other day was graduation photo taking day at school. We hastily brought Seth for a haircut the day before so that he would look neat and dashing in the photos. In the morning, I offered to comb his wet hair for him but he insisted on doing it himself. He then came running to me proudly to show me his stylo hairstyle. :p


At 6 year old, the boy is rather independent. More than what I could have asked for really. He gets up before me most days and runs out to the living room to watch his favourite morning cartoons. He still needs to be nagged at to brush his teeth and take his shower, but some days he’ll surprise me by getting those done without reminders. He does them all by himself without supervision. I reckoned since he showers three times a day, he would be clean somehow even if he missed some spots.

These days he would help himself to bread on the table, and even some cheese in the fridge! He would have fed himself before I cleaned up and get out of my room. I just had to make him his milk while he gets dressed and ready for school. Life couldn’t have been easier, really!

I suppose I am a lazy parent, in my grandma’s eyes especially! She nags at me for making my son do things by himself. However, we are proud that he is able to be independent in so many ways. Ain’t survival skills the most important aspect of life that should be imparted to our children as soon as possible?

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