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Graduation Camp 2013

Seth went for his very first overnight camp on the 5th September. It was his first time away from home and felt like his first step into boyhood!

He was apprehensive initially. Insisting that he didn’t want to go for the camp. We tried to convince him it would be fun and all his classmates would be there too! We later managed to dig out from him his reasons for not wanting to go to camp. My funny boy was really just worried about the showering time and how he would not like the teachers to bathe him! I texted his teacher and we managed to assure him that it’ll just be a simple hose down, after which he grew really excited and looked forward to camp day!


He even helped pack his own luggage the night before!


On the day of camp, he bounded happily up the bus while Mummy felt really lost and missed him tremendously. The day and night passed slowly… Though we managed to catch a comedy in the movies, our first late night movie ever since he was born! Before the show, we even drove past the school to check things out!

I was really worried that he couldn’t sleep without his pillows and that he might miss home. But all my worries were unfounded. He slept really well and when I grumbled that he didn’t miss me, he quickly denied it and said he was thinking of me before bed. Asked how often he woke up in the night and he said none! He didn’t miss me at all!! Wahhhh! :”( I was the one who couldn’t sleep, worrying for nothing!

He really enjoyed himself at camp. They had games (where he won overall first in musical chairs) and water play (he loved the slide)! That night, they sang around a campfire and had a hand in barbecue! He cooked his first marshmallow and sausage himself over a grill pit!


He came out of it all really well. My brave boy! And I know he is proud of his new achievement…

I know (but I am not proud of this) for the boy and his classmate teased his cousin when the cousin refused to go to his friend’s house for a playdate. They said,”Scaredy cat. You don’t dare to go. You never go to camp before.” Haih! Tsk. They got a ticking off for sure. But yeah… Camp means courage! At least to a couple of 6 year olds…

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The Independent Child

So, the other day was graduation photo taking day at school. We hastily brought Seth for a haircut the day before so that he would look neat and dashing in the photos. In the morning, I offered to comb his wet hair for him but he insisted on doing it himself. He then came running to me proudly to show me his stylo hairstyle. :p


At 6 year old, the boy is rather independent. More than what I could have asked for really. He gets up before me most days and runs out to the living room to watch his favourite morning cartoons. He still needs to be nagged at to brush his teeth and take his shower, but some days he’ll surprise me by getting those done without reminders. He does them all by himself without supervision. I reckoned since he showers three times a day, he would be clean somehow even if he missed some spots.

These days he would help himself to bread on the table, and even some cheese in the fridge! He would have fed himself before I cleaned up and get out of my room. I just had to make him his milk while he gets dressed and ready for school. Life couldn’t have been easier, really!

I suppose I am a lazy parent, in my grandma’s eyes especially! She nags at me for making my son do things by himself. However, we are proud that he is able to be independent in so many ways. Ain’t survival skills the most important aspect of life that should be imparted to our children as soon as possible?

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Return of the Social Blogger.

It’s been a while. Reading back on my past years of postings, I really enjoyed writing and it brought back sweet memories of Seth’s growing years. Now that WordPress is readily available on Android and Apple, I shall aspire to get back to my own blogging world again.


Took a snapshot of Seth along Haji Lane the other day. Realised he looked so grown up now. No longer a baby!

Just the other day during his midday nap, I asked to hug him to sleep and he said, “Your mother doesn’t hug you to sleep too right?” An excuse we used to psycho him into sleeping in his own room. “I don’t sleep with my mum too right?”

Where he used to be comfortable sleeping in our arms, he now prefers the liberty of space. Just a few months back, he insisted on a nightly ritual of 2 sets of kisses -left cheek, right cheek, forehead, nose and mouth. Plus high five, fist smack aka the werkz! It was tedious! The whole ritual of getting him to bed! He’s outgrown that now… Goodnight, mama. *Kiss* And off he goes… Ahhh… I miss my little boy!

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6 Years On

I am just done manually porting my previous blog posts to this newer version of WordPress.  Due to some technical issues (or lack of!), I had to copy and paste and upload my photos post by post all the way back to my very first post!

In another couple of weeks, I would have been blogging for a total of 6 years!  6 years of my life’s ups and downs on record!  Isn’t that a mean feat in itself?!

I was introduced to blogging way back in 2002, by the then friend (now hb) who ran his own blog space.  Upon learning that I love to write and aspired to be a journalist (dream aspiration only), he offered to let me share his blog space and rant about life.  That was when I first put my ‘Dear Diary’ posts on the world wide web.  Alas, it did not take off from there.  I stopped blogging when I got busy with work, and then dating…

It was right after our wedding, when I was feeling all blissful that I finally sat down again to start writing.  The new hb was scheduled to go on a work trip and I had time to spare after work.  I wanted to write down my thoughts for him to read wherever he was, and that was how I started blogging on my Livejournal.  I eventually ‘upgraded’ to wordpress with my own domain name and now I’m back again on a newer and stronger version!

Looking back at my past postings, I have changed tremendously in style and outlook.  There used to be alot of musings, alot of thoughts and rantings.  I ranted on and on.  Then things took a change for the ‘better’ when Seth came along.  Right from the day we tested positive on the Clearblue kit!  My posts were mainly of happy thoughts and exciting experiences.  Of course, there are the occasional sad and unhappy issues, but my blog focused mainly on Seth’s growth and development, which was far more interesting than anything else.  Somehow, photos became a big part of my blog.  I would be motivated to blog when I have a photo to share.  And that was when the posts became more colorful.

The last couple of years saw a huge drop in my postings.  Maybe due to a slower growth rate as the boy gets bigger, lesser interesting things to write about, and mainly due to the availability of  Facebook’s easy shoutout updates.  But I really will like to pick this up again.  For at times when I am weary, looking back at my past postings reminds me of better times and how even though I don’t remember them all, it doesn’t mean they have not happened before.

Screen Shot of my Previous Blog

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Gong Xi Fa Cai!

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Caskets Should Never Come in Small Sizes

The metre long coffin was too large for the little angel sleeping inside. The heartbroken parents frantically stuffed pillows, clothes, toys and rattles to fill up the empty spaces. If only it’s as easy to fill the emptiness in their hearts.

Maybe they were too rushed for time to prepare an altar photo. The loss was only yesterday and the cremation today. Maybe it’s too unbearable to display the photo of a 4 month old little baby. The altar before the casket was bare except for a milk bottle with milk. Milk that will never be consumed again.

Tears flowed freely. The pain was unbearable. Heart wrenching. Life is not supposed to be like that. We hear stories of sudden infant deaths. We read them in the papers. That should be all. It’s not supposed to be happening so close to us. Not to the people around me. And certainly not to my buddy of 15 years. Why me? He asked. If only I can answer that.

They say God is in control. Why did He allow such a cruel thing to happen? Everything happened for a reason. What is the reason for this? Is there a shortage of angels in heaven, God? Why our little angel? Why do you take her away before she can accomplish great things? Why now? It’s too early. She hadn’t enjoyed the life ahead of her. Not the ice cream cones waiting for her, or the zoo trips, the play dates, the joy of dating, of loving another, of building her own family, of growing old with family and friends around her. It’s too early, God.

My heart goes out to my buddy and his wife. As a parent, I can feel the pain of losing my precious blood. But at this moment, I can only imagine the pain and suffering they are going through. I pray they will remain strong and pick up their broken hearts soon. The road ahead is gonna be heavy laden but they will pull through and emerge stronger than ever. God Bless You, My Friends.

Good Bye Baby Angel Claire Claire. Till we meet again in heaven one day.

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My Kid Says the Darnest Things

Seth has been talking non-stop since he turned 2.5 yrs old. He loves to abbreviate his sentences by using intonations and has been asking lots of “What happened?” questions. I’m kind of glad he is not into “Why?”, but it’s equally exasperating with “What happened?” as well. Still, he never fails to tickle us with some of the things he said.

Extracted from my Facebook Shoutouts.

I told the boy we are going to attend a baby shower tomorrow. He turned around and told his dad, “Tomorrow going to watch baby bong bong (aka bathe)!” =S

The son was playing with his train set that comes with tiny ball bearings. Despite my many warnings, he let one roll under the TV console so I refused to dig it out for him. He collected the rest of the balls together and said, “They are waiting there for their friend.” -,-”

Seth brought back his craft work today and as usual, the teacher wrote his name at the back. This teacher wrote her T like a 7 and the boy said, “This one wrong! Teacher never write properly.”

After we left the restaurant, Seth suddenly remembered he has not finished his glass of water. I passed him his water bottle but he refused to drink from it. “It’s the same water.” I said since it’s both plain water. “No… cold water and hot water not the same..” he said. Sigh!

When told to keep his TOOLBOX, Seth said,”This one not TWO box. This one ONE box.” =S Need to buck up on his English…

My son is full of excuses when it comes to bedtime. He’ll want to pee, drink water, even take medicine (when he simply sneezes or cough once!)… Today, he looked at me with pleading eyes and said he can’t sleep… then after being shooed into the room, he ran out within 5 mins and happily shouted,”Mummy, I can sleep now!” and ran back inside to promptly fall asleep. =S

I was showering Seth just now when some water splashed on me. Then while I was talking to him the water from my hair dripped on him. “Mummy, your saliva drip!” =S 冤枉呀!

My son’s report of today’s activity in school. “Teacher give (me) apple to do printing. Then teacher wash and cut apple for me to eat.” =S I wonder if it’s the same apple…

The son is getting more ‘geng’ (hokkien for crafty) by the minute! He was spraying saliva all over by making the ‘poo-oo” sound with his lips. When threatened, he said, “No. I say ‘p-er’ for P” and proceeded to go “per per per”, spewing more saliva! =S

Seth is outgrowing his pjs finally. I was checking out his pjs b4 bed and asking him if they were too tight. He said, “Noooo..” then proceeded to do a cartwheel on the bed and continued, “See! can (so)mersault!” Heh!

While washing Seth’s hair this morning, I said, “Must scrub your hair clean or they’ll fall off and you’ll have no hair.” He replied, “Like Tortoise!” =S My son has this weird fascination with tortoises. ♥ He’ll lay on the bed with a pillow on his back and say he’s a tortoise or wear his hat on his back like a tortoise …

So today I was cutting seth’s hair when Daddy said, “Don’t move ah. Later Mama cut your ears and you’ll be like a tortoise without ears.” And the son just had to say, “Tortoise no hair!” (kwa kwa…)

Me: how much do u love me? Son: 16 march (The day’s date.)

(In a crowded mall) Me: Hold my hands! Son: Here not carpark (I taught him well huh?!)

I think my son is enjoying the ang bao season. That day at bedtime he said,”Mummy, Happy New Year! Give me ang bao.” Then today as I was distributing them, he ran to me and asked,”How about me?” and grabbed 1 from my hand before running off! =S

When asked why there are toys all over the living room floor and red beans on the sofa. Seth: “Beans want to watch TV. Toys also want to watch TV. So many people watch TV.” (Proceeds to sit on the floor while his beans sat on the sofa.) =S

My poor boy went to sayang a new girl in class who is crying. Ended up making her cry even more. Teacher had to ask him to step back and don’t go near the girl. Then when the girl cried again, he quickly ran to the teacher and said, “NOT ME! NOT ME!!”

Son loves to crawl under the huge pillows and fall asleep with only his head showing. then he’ll wake up and tell us he’s the “Tortoise”! =S

Me: (Threateningly) On a count of 1 to 3, I’m going to leave the room if you don’t lie down. Seth: I want count to 4! (starts counting) 1-2-3-4…

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Another Year Gone

Seth turned 3 years old on March 12th. Sometimes we looked back and wondered where the days have gone. Lying on his mattress, he looked every bit a young boy. No longer the helpless baby we brought back from the hospital. Chattering non-stop, he is able to express himself well and clear. No longer the crying baby who wailed in frustration as no one understands his needs. Insisting on his ways and rebelling mine. No longer the submissive baby who did what I wanted. My baby is now a small boy!

And so this year, in contrary to the past where we go for a photoshoot with the professionals, we decided to do our own outdoor shoot. With an active boy, we figured it’ll be tough to get him to cooperate with the photographer. We spanned our shoot over a few weekends and brought him to several parks near our place. The result is a series of beautiful pictures with colorful hues. Perfection in our eyes. =)

Our Hansdome Boy

We even managed to get some stylo-mylo shots aka professional style! Heh!

Great Jumpshot

Or this? Posed for Perfection!

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True Blue Cantonese DIL

Steamed Arrowroot with Chinese Sausages

This is a Chinese New Year dish my Mum-in-Law cooks on the festival. We used to buy those chestnut-looking bulbs to plant in water and wait for the leaves to shoot up into the sky. The higher it grows the more prosperous you would be! Then I got married and realised that I am better off CONSUMING them and prospering from within. Alas… too prosperous. Size-wise. =S

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School Daze

2010 marks the start of Seth’s formal education.

On the first day, I kept him company in the classroom and he participated well in the various activities. On the second day, I bid him goodbye after settling him down in class. He was reluctant but I was firm. It didn’t help that almost everyone in class was crying. He couldn’t understand why I had to wait outside while the other parents stayed behind. I could see the uncertainty in his eyes as he shouted at the door for me. Then he walked to the teacher and stuck close to her for the rest of the lesson. My brave boy! Tears welled up in my eyes as I saw how he bravely restrained from crying and kept himself busy entwined between the teacher’s legs. The relief and gladness in his eyes when the doors opened to let them out when class was over was overwhelming!

I had prepared him for school way in advance by reminding him that he will have to attend class alone while I go home to cook his lunch. The boy was agreeable up till that first day of school when he told me,”Mama, today don’t cook lunch, ok?” And I bribed him with Gummy Bears rewards at the end of class. My little loghead was so adamant on getting his gummies at the end of class that when the teacher offered him some during class, he rejected it, insisting on having it only AFTER the class. Heh! So ‘logheadedness’ is actually hereditary! :p

He soon settled into school easily after that. By the second week, he was so excited to start playing with the toys he forgot to put down his bag and water bottle. Then he had to be reminded to kiss me goodbye, which he did hurriedly, usually just kissing my hair, ear, arm, leg or wherever his lips touched me when he turned his head in the midst of toys. Sigh.

This week, he started bringing back his art pieces and schoolwork and as proud first time parents, we diligently put them up on the fridge and eventually extended them to the bomb shelter doors (magnetic). Ah… It gotta stop somewhere right? I can’t imagine 20 years of schoolwork on the walls! We’ll need a bigger house!

He came back spelling the word “A-P-P-L-E” off his head!

Good Job, Son! We are so proud of you, Seth!!

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