Posted by: tituteo | August 16, 2013

Return of the Social Blogger.

It’s been a while. Reading back on my past years of postings, I really enjoyed writing and it brought back sweet memories of Seth’s growing years. Now that WordPress is readily available on Android and Apple, I shall aspire to get back to my own blogging world again.


Took a snapshot of Seth along Haji Lane the other day. Realised he looked so grown up now. No longer a baby!

Just the other day during his midday nap, I asked to hug him to sleep and he said, “Your mother doesn’t hug you to sleep too right?” An excuse we used to psycho him into sleeping in his own room. “I don’t sleep with my mum too right?”

Where he used to be comfortable sleeping in our arms, he now prefers the liberty of space. Just a few months back, he insisted on a nightly ritual of 2 sets of kisses -left cheek, right cheek, forehead, nose and mouth. Plus high five, fist smack aka the werkz! It was tedious! The whole ritual of getting him to bed! He’s outgrown that now… Goodnight, mama. *Kiss* And off he goes… Ahhh… I miss my little boy!

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